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Carbon fiber core flexible aluminum strand (ACCC/TW) core


 Carbon fiber core flexible aluminum stranded wire (ACCC/TW) is a single core wire made of carbon fiber as the central layer and glass fiber. The outer and adjacent outer aluminum strands have concave and convex bite sections, and the carbon fiber core flexible aluminum stranding accctw and Aluminium Conductor steel-reinforced cable are compared as follows:

    The structure of ACCC/TW conductor is innovative. It is not only beneficial to improve the CRIMP strength of straight tube, tension clamp and conductor, but also because the outer surface of the Mandrel is an insulating glass fiber layer, there is no potential difference between the mandrel and the Aluminium Strand, protects aluminum conductors from electrical corrosion. In addition, the cross-section of the TRAPEZOIDAL BITE type conductor is smoother than that of the traditional ACSR, which increases the roughness coefficient of the conductor, is beneficial to the starting voltage of the conductor corona, and can reduce the loss of corona, rEDUCES CORONA NOISE and radio interference levels (while machining a, the trapezoid and trapezoid form a bite-shaped, rewinding molding is very conducive to the degree of tightness.)

ACCC/TW has the advantages of high strength, high conductivity, small expansion coefficient (low SAG) , large ampacity and light weight. The carbon core has the highest mechanical strength of all kinds of air conductors currently in use. The carbon core has a core diameter of 9.53 mm and is made of carbon fiber and glass fiber. In order to improve the torsional friction between aluminum wire and glass fiber, 0.05 mm composite material with the most wear resistance in the world is processed on its surface, and its tensile strength can reach 2414 ~ 5000 MPA. The tensile strength of carbon fiber is nearly 2 times higher than that of conventional carbon fiber. The Linear Expansion Coefficient (1.610-6/°C) of carbon fiber is 1/8 of that of common steel core. The specific gravity of Carbon Fiber core is 1.85 G/CM 3, which is about 1/1.424 times of steel core. Because of its high strength, LOW COEFFICIENT OF LINEAR expansion and high working temperature, the special section soft aluminum wire has the advantage of steel core ACSS. Compared with the same diameter ACSR, the tensile strength of ACCC/TW wire is 1.5 ~ 2 times of the steel core, the high temperature relaxation is 1/6 of the steel core at the same current carrying capacity, and the current carrying capacity is much larger at the same temperature. In the allowable temperature range, the current carrying capacity is 2 ~ 2.5 times of the steel core. The conductivity of duralumin is 59 ~ 60% .

    The soft aluminum wire is an annealing wire with a conductivity of 63% . The tensile strength is 59 ~ 76 MPA. The elongation is 1.2 ~ 2% higher than that of duralumin. The mechanical properties of the Aluminium Conductor steel-reinforced cable are mainly performed by the steel core, as the tensile life of the aluminium wire is reduced at high temperatures. The key to the manufacture of the carbon fiber core rods is the problem of heat resistance and toughness. This method is a feature of the company, the tensile strength of carbon core is 2414MPA. The tensile strength of carbon core is increased by 0.5 ~ 1 times due to the special method in pultrusion.

The interlaminar shear strength of carbon fiber-reinforced Aluminum Strand is determined by the crimping technology of the wire. With the new crimping method, the interlaminar shear strength of carbon fiber-reinforced aluminum strand can reach 1.5 times of the overseas index. This new crimping technology not only improves the crimping technology of wire and cable, but also solves the wear problem of aluminum strand to glass fiber when carbon-core aluminum strand is wound. This is also the company's unique technology, using special materials to complete. Insulation and temperature resistance is the key technology of carbon fiber mandrel forming, and also the key of our company.

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