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2020/04/26 23:11
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Corrosion resistance: there are high-quality fiberglass cover corrosion resistance to acid, alkali, salts and many organic solvents and the gas and liquid media, erosion, corrosion international boundaries exist in the more helpless the rest of the preferential grille. Applications based on the use of theory in order to be economical to choose the opposite type of glass fiber reinforced resin-based cover.

Aging: the cover of high quality fiberglass resin, fiberglass crafted fragmented, security products, the use of life expectancy over 20 years. Research institutes, administrative divisions of FRP test the consequences of aging study showed that the use of special glass-glass infiltration to enhance resin solution products, atmospheric exposure two decades later, still remain in the intensity above 85%.

Lightweight, high strength: FRP cover is by the resin and glass fiber composite, its density is small. Compared with glass, steel grating, steel density is only 1/4, Al 2/3. Strength of rigid PVC 10 times better than the relative strength of aluminum, steel reached the general level.

Strikes, anti-, anti-fatigue: grille there is a higher intensity of anti-strikes, without ever allowing repeated winding deformation; external structure makes the existence of moderate flexibility, reduced operating personnel a sense of ease leg and back, increased operating comfortable degree of operational efficiency in order to spread.

FR: FRP cover normal oxygen index above 32, the flame spread index of flame retardant level; high flame-retardant vinyl flame spread index grating reached 10 seq.

Can be designed and strong: According to the depositors in order to custom produced, such as the opposite color, contrast the size, contrast, etc. in order to load. Maximum level in order to meet the depositors and minimize cutting depletion, luxury profits.

Overall economic good: more than ordinary carbon steel, of course, its one-time injection of higher than normal carbon steel, but the FRP grating integrated, low profits, the total economic benefit is the steel grill 4 to 5 times. Because the weight of glass fiber reinforced cover only steel 1/4, aluminum grille 2/3, so the foundation support components can greatly reduce, increase profit foundation. Fiberglass cover easy cutting, moving, installation is very inconvenient, the unit profit is only 20% of carbon steel to 40%. In allowing the media conditions, the use of glass fiber reinforced cover life expectancy above 20 years to protect expense is simply zero.


Insurance of: there are high-quality fiberglass cover electrical insulation, 10KV voltage breakdown and arcing scene without the use of thermal damage in the presence of the platform, strata, fencing and other waters, reduce the thermal waters and switches facilities four weeks because electric shock and damage resulting to the operating personnel; there is no electromagnetic, can be used in the magnetic-sensitive facilities; no welding flowers, the use of glass fiber reinforced plastic cover to prevent the explosive guy off the explosive situation for non-metallic grille may sparks caused by explosion, fire the odd risk. In addition, the grid after the name of the molding process will certainly shop name to resolve, such as sand, there is a good non-slip performance.

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