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Analysis: How to improve the performance of the three windows and doors

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2020/04/08 22:50
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China Building Material [2007] issued by the State Energy Conservation of China's first national law the "Energy Conservation Law" began, and later this year issued a number of energy-saving building design standards and technical specifications. All of these standards, norms, are harbingers of the introduction of environmentally friendly energy-saving products will be the future direction of development. Doors and windows as the main construction of the construction industry is also bound to comply with the requirements of the times.

Product is a source of survival, and quality is the life of the country, following the author of Quality Supervision, Inspection process windows problems and experiences with you to discuss how to improve gas-tight doors, watertight and wind pressure three physical properties.

Airtight doors and windows to improve performance

1 assembly to improve the quality of windows and doors

2 Choose a good sealing material

3 Use the thermal coefficient of the main material

Watertight doors and windows to improve performance

Improve the performance of wind pressure windows and doors

1 Select the main profile of high intensity

1.1 lightweight, high strength

1.2 Energy-saving insulation

1.3 Dimensional stability, good sound insulation effect

1.4 corrosion-resistant, anti-aging

1.5 Green

2 improve the structural design of doors and windows


In today's increasingly tight energy situation, the production of energy-saving, environmentally friendly products has become the development direction of all walks of life, in this spirit has been formed under the guidance of a healthy and civilized, saving resources consumption patterns. However, under the powerful propaganda of energy, energy efficiency requirements for windows and doors made ​​of the same time, do not ignore trifles and the overall quality of the product should be some basic functions, or even the best energy-saving windows and have lost significance.

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