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FRP grating strengths of the three major

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2020/04/26 23:12
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FRP grating has three advantages: First, FRP density, strength, solid than steel, lighter than aluminum, steel 1/4-1/16 percentage of only the general, while the mechanical strength is 3-4 times that of steel; Second, there is an instant low temperature glass, steel characteristics; Third, there is a good acid erosion characteristics and magnetic properties do not exist.

Because of its small percentage of high strength, light in-flight international boundaries do much blue eye. Since 1944, the first aircraft to FRP grating structure information as an important iron bird test Jinshou after a large sail, fiberglass light in flight in an increasingly strong position. From the fuselage, wings to the tail, windows and doors, etc. more and more non-metallic elements iron bird has been replaced by fiberglass materials. Front, many of the important components of light iron bird into the fiberglass, and even the Boeing 747 jet, there are also ten thousand glass components made ​​of steel too!

FRP grating in the construction industry is increasing. Many established libraries, enjoy museum, the huge commercial roofs are made ​​of steel by the glass. It is not only lightweight, high strength, but also through the sun too! 80 age, Miyun County in the Shanghai area of China built a glass and steel bridge. The bridge span 20.24 m net, full width 9.6 m, two lines of 20 tons can pass the team bus or a load 80 tons of heavy fighting sluggish hanging. The bridge's superstructure with a total glass cloth, resin, glass, steel and other information about 22 tons, together with supporting information, but 30 tons, really be called a social bridge between the lightest!

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